Certificates, Gift Cards & Origami in Appreciation for Your Donation

01 Sep 2015

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After completing your online toy donation, Simply Giving gives you the choice of recognising your generosity with one of these options.

- You can make a donation on behalf of a family member or friend and then give them a Gift Card in recognition of this. There is even a place to write their name.

- You can print out a Certificate of Appreciation and put it up at work or at home.

- You can download the Origami, build the gift box and then hang it on your tree or display it proudly.

Print them out on cardboard for best results. Even try coloured paper for different effects.

Email us at or post on facebook at a photo of your creative cards, certificates or origami.

Check out the different examples below ...

Example of a Standard Gift Card

Example of a Standard Certificate of Appreciation

Example of a Standard Origami Gift Box

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