Still want a Christmas tree in your office or foyer?

12 Nov 2014

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This year Simply Giving has introduced the Giving Tree. An innovative new concept in online giving. The Giving Tree aims to bring a tangible, physical presence to the online donating experience.

Terry from Simply Giving commented "Everyone loves the idea of donating toys online because it makes so much sense, but on the flip side everyone recognises that something is lost in the experience .. the Christmas tree is missing!"

He added "We have tried to re-create the experience in an office, foyer, school or shop without compromising on the incredible benefits of donating online. Donors take stickers and sign their names on the tree after donating and slowly the tree transforms from being empty of donations to full of donations. There are added benefits as the Giving Tree serves as a fantastic visual reminder, generates a healthy social conscience and at the end of the toy drive will hopefully be a symbol of generosity for the organisation."

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