Pro Bono Rates Simply Giving in Best Online Christmas Campaigns for 2014

18 Dec 2014

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Christmas is one of the most important periods in the NFP calendar as holiday campaigns often raise the most money. In the age of digital, NFP organisations must think outside the box. Digital marketing expert Richenda Vermeulen takes a look at which Christmas campaigns are making waves.

SimplyGiving - A digital toy drive

What is it?

SimplyGiving is an online toy drive that provides Christmas gifts to kids in need. The digital-born company partners up with other organisations by embedding themselves into the heart of a company’s website. They provide organisations a streamlined way to include a toy drive into their Christmas campaign, eliminating many of the logistical hassles of hosting your own toy drive.

Why is it effective?

The idea works because it leverages the credibility of its partners (like Vinnies). They create a branded webpage for their partners which has a short description of what the charity is doing. It also displays a progress bar to show how close they are to reaching their goals

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Create a moment of joy by donating a toy to a child in need.

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