From an appreciative dad ...

30 Nov 2020

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Dear Simply Giving,

I just wanted to write and thank you for the great work you do.

My son was recently (and unexpectedly) admitted to hospital (Sydney Royal North Shore) and had to spend 5 days in the ward.

On day two a lovely nurse entered our ward and offered my son a Lego item. A little taken aback we asked … “is this to borrow or keep?” And she replied “well of course, it’s to keep!”. We were very surprised and then overcome with gratitude and appreciation. This wasn’t a little $10 Lego item, but probably a $40-$50 item. What an amazing gesture to a young 10 year old boy who’s in pain, uncomfortable and in a strange environment.

When enquiring where these toys came from she mentioned various volunteer groups in the area as well as Simply Giving.

So I just wanted to email and thank you for the great work you and the charities do. It really makes a difference!

From an appreciative dad!

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