Dire Need this Year

29 Oct 2021

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During October, the team here at Simply Giving work closely with our charities to develop and fine tune their toy drive appeals. We are excited to say that most charities are almost ready to push go for 2021!

During consultation, all charities have expressed to us the dire need this year due to the continuing impact that COVID and the lock down is having on vulnerable families. Financial pressure, psychological strain, loneliness, medical complications, hardship, the burden of home schooling, domestic violence, job loss ... all these elements are creating the 'prefect storm' to drag disadvantaged families even lower. Everything is exacerbated by the current situation.

This year, those in our community who are more fortunate will need to dig deep to help our fellow Australians. We look forward to taking on the challenge and facilitating this great communal effort to bring a moment of joy to those in need.

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