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Simply Giving Tax Deductible Receipt

Immediately after a donation is completed, Simply Giving will email a tax deductible receipt to the donor which can be claimed in a tax return.

A tax deductible receipt will only be issued:
- for donations greater than $2 and
- for charities that hold Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

On Simply Giving, the following icon confirms a charity’s DGR status (audited annually using

Tax Deductible

More Details

Simply Giving is not a registered charity. Items that are donated on Simply Giving are ‘purchased’ from Simply Giving and then delivered to the charity as a ‘donation’.

Simply Giving is a third-party to the charity. Simply Giving facilitates the donation process between donor and charity.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will accept third-party receipts as evidence of a tax deductible donation to a DGR charity if the receipt:
- identifies the DGR (ABN is not required)
- states the fact that the amount is a donation to the DGR.

The tax deductible receipts issued by Simply Giving comply with the ATO requirements for third-party issued receipts, by stating the following:

“This confirms that the following products have been donated to [charity name] for the [appeal name].”

For further details view “tax deductible donations” at

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